TrikoneNW is for, by, and about LGBTQIA+ South Asians and Allys living in the Pacific Northwest area
What we do

What we do

We have programming around the year. To find out more on the events and programing plese follow us in facebook or join our mailing list.

Trikone Meets

We get togather for events like potluck, movie nights, happy hours etc. Join us for any of these or suggest something you would like to do . Find out more about upcoming events.

Trikone Speaks

Got something on your mind? Well come by and share! We have monthly gatherings where we discuss coming out, relationships, queer issues and much more!These are free and anonymous (if you want it to be) facilitated discussions in a safe space.Contact us at if you want to meet one-on-one or have questions about this gathering.

Trikone Connects

We work with other communities to have conversations about visibility and issues affecting south asian LGBTQ+

Trikone Screens

Trikone partners with organizations to screen movies and documentaries highlighting south asian LGBTQ+ lives.


We have put togather some resources to help in the journey.

Who are we

Trikone Northwest has been serving the South Asian community in Seattle for over 20 years. We are a vibrant, diverse group of individuals creating a social, supportive, educational, and political space for LGBTQ and differently-oriented South Asians and their family, friends,allys and community. We are a community based organization which is 100% volunteer run. To know more about some highlights of our history please scroll through the timeline.

  1. First meeting of TNW

    November 1997

    Our inaugural gathering was in November 1997 in the U-District. There were five of people at the restaurant - two of whom were out-of-towners - talking about queer desi communities, their own lives, and how to bring people together.

  2. Until Late 90's

    Trikone-Northwest was still pretty underground back in the late 1990s. Lot of the community members were not out to their families, friends, cultural communities, or workplaces. Small groups would meet for potlucks or outings to a local restaurant – Seattle, then Bellingham, then Vancouver BC. Or would host gatherings for folks coming in from out of town. Some people made trips to amazing monthly women-of-color dance parties in Vancouver, BC, organized by Monsoon. In the early days, it seemed like Trikone Northwest was quite diverse – by nationality, religion, gender, just to name a few.

  3. '00 and '01

    By end of 2000 TrikoneNW got online with a yahoogroups (back then egroups) listserv where monthly potlucks are being advertised. The early part of the year 2001 just continued the monthly potlucks. Perhaps Trikone-Northwest’s first “organizing” meeting was in November 2001 where the name was finalized and we decided to have a more public presence.

  4. 2002

    TrikoneNW and Tasveer

    2002 ushered in a new wave of events, activities, and partnerships. More people were becoming involved, albeit slowly. In the Summer of 2002, trikoneNW got our first website. It wasn’t until June 2002 that Trikone Northwest held our first public event. Ruth Vanita (author of Same-Sex Love in India, Queering India) was set to speak at Elliot Bay Bookstore. Trikone Northwest, with the newly formed Tasveer leading, co-organized a film screening just before Ruth’s reading. The film screening was not only TNW’s first public event, but also Tasveer’s.

  5. 2003

    TrikoneNW with community partners

    Trikone-Northwest had some notable collaborations. We collaborated with queer API organizations in the Pacific Northwest: the Asian Lesbian & Bisexual Alliance (ALBA), Queer & Asian, The Young Gay Asian Men of Seattle (TYGAMOS), and Dragon Women, queer Asian Pacific Islander organizations based in Seattle,Washington, to bring together the queer Asian community and raise broader community awareness through queer Asian Pacific Islander performing arts. The performance happened during Asian American Heritage Month, at the Northwest Asian American Theater.

  6. 2004

    First time TrikoneNW marched in pride parade

    We had a logo contest; the website got major overall; we created flyers and banner.we hosted a pre-pride parade party and marched in our first Seattle Pride parade. Twenty-seven people all told – including supporters from Chaya and Tasveer and Vancouver QSAs – dancing to Bollywood! we even won honorable mention for most energetic group.

  7. 2011

    BollyQ and Trikone Speaks

    First BollyQ,trikoneNW very own bollywood dance party happend in April'11 at The Highline. 2011 also marked the launch of Trikone-Speaks. The initial motivation of trikone speaks was to diversify programming and ensure that we are building community and reach those who are most isolated.

  8. 2017

    We published our first ever news letter. We partnered with Indian Association Of Western Washington(IAWW) to bring conversation about LGBTQ+ in indian community through 'Log kya sochenge'