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February TrikoneSpeaks & Potluck

Feb 28: TrikoneSpeaks & Potluck

Join us between 2:00 PM- 3:30 PM for TrikoneSpeaks, a closed support group space.

Back by popular demand: TrikoneSpeaks!

TrikoneSpeaks is an ongoing conversation group for LGBTQ+ (those questioning are welcome too!) South Asians and allies. We strive to create a safer space where Queer South Asians can be open about their feelings and experiences, connect with each other, and build new individual and collective skills.

Trikone NW wants to be responsive to the needs of our beloved community, so this is our first TrikoneSpeaks meeting after a 3-year hiatus!

TOPIC: “Coming out to family”


We will meet and have a confidential facilitated discussion for 1- 1.5 hours. We practice consent with all things, and want to make sure you know that you do not need to share if you do not want to - observation is also participation. This is a space to share stories- both of successes and of challenging experiences. We hope to build community through such dialogues, to help in resource-sharing, and to create spaces for ourselves and community to connect over our particular experiences as Queer South Asians. In this spirit, this will be a confidential space. We ask that whatever is shared in this space is kept confidential between members.

We will start promptly at 2pm so please try to arrive on time if you are able!

NOTE: this is a peer support group, and will not be led by a licensed counselor. It is a place for community members to come together and support each other. Trikone Board members with training will lead the group, but we are all responsible for maintaining it as a confidential safer space, and any community agreements.

3:30 PM- 5:00 PM will be our open potluck

Please email for the location information and to RSVP